Flash crash trader in court uzacygow151273101

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Flash crash trader in court.

Aug 25, 2016Flash crash' trader Navinder Singh Sarao continues to fight extradition from the United Kingdom to the U S over charges that he helped trigger a 2010

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Navinder Singh Sarao appears in court to fight extradition to US to be tried over alleged role in fall in Wall Street equity prices in 2010. Apr 22, 2015 A UK financial trader accused of contributing to the 2010 Wall Streetflash crash" appears in court, with bail set at5 1m.

Flash Crash" trader Navinder Singh Sarao pled guilty to federal charges, including spoofing and wire fraud, on Wednesday.

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Mar 23, 2016 Navinder Sarao, the trader accused of contributing to the 2010flash crash can be extradited to the United States, a UK court has ruled. A London based trader on Wednesday became the second person convicted of criminally spoofing U S futures markets, after he pleaded guilty to federal charges that he.

A British trader accused of helping to trigger a US stock market crash through a company registered to his modest London home told a court on Wednesday he wo.

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